This has become a popular, successful and helpful way of looking at your life.

It basically means “being present and aware” – a very simple idea but one our minds do not find easy as our thoughts tend to jump about and get distracted. It is very helpful in gaining insight into our thoughts and feelings and so helps us make changes from the inside. As I say, it sounds simple…..

Although it seems quite a new, fashionable approach it has actually been around for centuries, but has often been integrated into spiritual practises and meditative religions like Buddhism. “Mindfulness” has taken all the mysticism away and uses the rational and psychological processes involved in letting your mind find a less complicated and more helpful way of perceiving your world and your life. Becoming more aware of itself in the present rather than being concerned about what has happened and what might happen.


I can work with you, either as someone wanting to explore it for yourself or as a part of your treatment.

This can be on an individual basis or as part of a group “Exploring Mindfulness.”

I have been exploring it myself for many years and although it is helpful in a quick CBT type course I also think it has a much more profound and life enhancing role if investigated more deeply.