Is it worth it?

Having your nails or hair done cost £30-£50 and lasts a while. Taxis, meals out, cinema tickets all cost and add to our quality of life and we happily pay for them if we can or need to.

But if we are constantly worrying, feeling low, anxious or stressed, that effects every part of our life and can go on for months or even years.

Isn’t it worth trying to get it sorted out – making a permanent change.jigsaw-pieces

Your quality of life can be so much better if you understand and deal with these feelings. Imagine not worrying all the time, or feeling positive again, or looking forward to going to work, home, or going out again.

It’s a small investment in your future, in you.

Does therapy work?

“Arthur’s empathy and ability to encourage and steer self reflection has allowed me to be at peace with my sadness and fears and make personal positive changes that will help me to have a better relationship with the world and more importantly with myself, in essence, setting me free.”

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