mazeWhen you need some help with motivation, fears and stress, hypnotherapy is able to give you a supportive boost to get through the difficulty.

It comes from within you, but is guided by the hypnotherapist so it has the power of changing your behaviour through understanding, but with someone else guiding you through the tough change making process. This may involve some regression, looking back into the memories buried in your subconscious, helping you to understand the way you feel now.

It is not someone telling you what you should do, we can get enough of that sort of advice anywhere, but it is your own subconscious deciding to see things, or feel things, in a different way.

It is nothing like stage hypnotism which is done for entertainment. You will always be conscious and in control. I will of course explain this to you in the session and we go at your own pace.

Hypnotherapy allows your down to earth common sense to make your decisions instead of the same old habits and behaviour which are causing you problems now.

Allowing you to dig deeply into your feelings and behaviours so changing becomes a natural process.

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