Does therapy work?

Counselling1Basically, yes.

If you understand something it stops having the power to control you.

If you feel able to take responsibility for your choices, thoughts and feelings, you can change them and have more control in your life.

Our minds are incredibly complicated, but research now is showing that it is actually quite “elastic,” that it can change its patterns and beliefs quite easily in the right circumstances.

Therapy gives you that optimum condition – where you are listened to and taken seriously while you work things through. It is a very powerful opportunity to see things in a different light; the therapist will guide you through this. You can choose to make changes in your life, or more often than not they will happen naturally as your perspective changes.

It is quality time for you, quality attention. You deserve it.

Arthur’s understanding approach is helping me to get under the covers of some deep rooted issues. Since I’ve never really dealt with the issues, I’ve never understood, or faced up to, them. Arthur is working with me to unravel these and help me build on my strengths after the issues finally got too much.

Is it worth it?

Anxiety, stress and self esteem.

Common Issues for Treatment