Anxiety, stress and self esteem.

We can put up with quite a lot but when it comes to the time when we feel we are not coping, then maybe that’s the time to ask for help.
If you’re feeling over worried, having panic attacks, feeling you want to avoid certain situations, if you feel stressed and think you are not coping as well you would like, there are ways to help you find more balance.

These problems are much more common than we imagine. Do not suffer in silence and try to get through it by yourself. There are tried and tested ways to help you and several different approaches, so come and ask for help.

Self esteem is the core of how we feel about ourselves. If we are worrying or anxious it is often because our sense of worth has become a bit shaky or never had much in the first place.  There are a lot of interesting reasons why this happens and as you explore them, you will find that it changes you and you begin to feel lot better about yourself and more confident.


When the above problems become more serious this often leads to depression. It is very hard to deal with this by yourself. You might need to see your doctor and they can recommend the best treatment for your circumstances. Talking therapies like CBT and others I can offer are often a good place to start.